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Family Business

Cat Spring Beef feeds our family and we take pride and find value in you allowing us to help you feed yours. Our family controls the process from conception to packaging to create a healthy premium protein option for your table.

Cat Spring Beef located in Downtown Cat Spring is owned and operated by the family of Ryan and Carla Reichardt. We are assisted in the cattle production by the Russell Reichardt Family and partnered Schram Livestock for our pork breeding program. The Reichardt Family maintains ownership of and preserves many properties from the original settlement of Cat Spring where the first and oldest Agricultural Society was form in 1856. Land stewardship, historical preservation and agricultural production are all still thriving in Cat Spring 163 years later and very important to our family. The Reichardt brothers, Ryan and Russell started Reichardt Cattle Company 22 years ago and have grown to a nearly 600 head in the cow/calf operation. Ryan and Carla assisted by Gwen Reichardt also operate and maintain several historic properties with Cat Spring Bed and Breakfast. The Strauss Haus and Almita House are available for rent through Air B&B also located in Downtown Cat Spring. Ryan and Gwen also operate Reichardt Construction, LLC which shares offices with Cat Spring Beef.

Cat Spring Beef uses a rotational grazing system to grass fed and grass finish all our steers. All our products are healthy, antibotic free and truly pasture raised. The difference you will find with Cat Spring Beef compared to other grass fed producers is our quality. These aren't just any old cows! The Reichardt Family already known in the area for fancy cattle and due to the size and volume of our herd along with the strict selection requirements for steers only approximately the top 5% of the calf crop is used for Cat Spring Beef. Our methods of selecting and controlling the process from bull selection to retail sales creates a premium beef product and takes typically 28 months. We prefer to process our steers at an age of 14-16 months when they have reached 800-900 pounds and they are all dry hung aged for 15 days before packaging.

Cat Spring Beef: Pork Division is through a breeding partnership with Schram Livestock. Knowing the importance of quality genetics, we partnered with one of the premier breeders in the state of Texas. Piglets are born and raised with their mothers a few miles away in Sealy, Tx. At weaning they are brought to our ranch to be pasture raised and grown out to a finish weight.

Our labels are Texas State certified and all processing is USDA inspected. It is a premium product that requires a premium price to cover costs. Our family finds the full value in the trust of knowing exactly what is on our table!

Success in the Show Ring

The Reichardt Boys as well as the Foundation Females for Cat Spring Beef are no stranger to the podium when it comes to the competition. Rylan, Reese and Rhett have earned multiple top 10 finishes, Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Pen of Heifer Projects over the last decade. These animals & kids have proven themselves to be the best in the business and are the foundation of our knowledge and breeding programs.

Schram Livestock as well is a premier breeder in nation and provides high quality genetic barrow pigs to multiple show winners. The fellas that come to Cat Spring are no exception.



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